Stick switch for Transmitter

The large manufacturers of remote controls such as Futaba, Graupner, Spektrum, Jeti, Multiplex, FrSky, Powerbox and many others use different terms for stick switches, such as stick switch, stick handle, stick button, gear stick or transmitter stick switch. What is always meant is a joystick that has integrated switches, buttons or both.

Stick switches are particularly popular with console transmitters, as they enable the switches or buttons to be operated much more conveniently.

However, many pilots also use hand-held transmitters as console transmitters by simply placing the transmitter on a console and thus also being able to upgrade the control with stick switches.

The great advantage of stick switches and, above all, increased safety is the fact that you no longer have to take your hands off the control sticks for essential switching processes. Especially in the field of model flying, switching processes are often necessary, which take place in a low flight position:

  • Extend and retract the landing gear
  • Landing flaps
  • Flap position
  • Brakes
  • A very quick reaction from the teacher is also helpful in the training company (teacher-student). This is why a stick switch or, better still, a stick switch with a button is a good choice.
The stick switches manufactured by RC Technik have as a special feature and unique selling point an additional button in the shaft, which is particularly ergonomically attached and ensures extremely fast and intuitive switching processes. You don't even have to change the hand position on the stick switch.


RC Technik

RC Technik is the right contact when it comes to unique stick switches, stick buttons and controllers. Improve functionality and accessibility, make critical switching processes child's play.

RC Technik is a manufacturer and distributor of accessories (mainly stick switches, stick switches, stick handles) for RC remote control systems.

We manufacture stick switches for you in different designs, which are matched to the respective system types. Good grip and an excellent look make our stick switches unique.

RC Technik offers you the best quality by using high-quality materials such as stainless steel and high-strength aluminum.

Our goal is to make your hobby as relaxed and safe as possible.