Installation Manual

Stick switches can be installed to desk transmitter and hand-held transmitter. Installation in hand-held transmitters is generally more difficult, as existing switches / controls have to be replaced because there are no free ports available.
A hand transmitter is not prepared by the manufacturer for the installation of other functional elements (exceptions Jeti, Core, FrSky)
The mechanical installation of the sticks in transmitter is, however, similar to a desk transmitter. The instructions give the exact procedure for the mechanical installation of the sticks and give advice on wiring.
Due to the large number of hand-held transmitters, however, it is not possible to create precise step-by-step instructions for each individual type. Since every user wants to replace different switches / buttons, every customer is responsible for connecting the stick switch to the system!
Please look through the installation instructions beforehand to see whether you have the necessary electrical knowledge.

Levels for installation:  1 = easy; 2 = medium; 3 = difficult

  Typ Level
Graupner older Types 3 2 Download Einbauanleitung
MC-26 / 20 / 16 3 2
MC-32 3 2
Handheld Transmitter 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
MC-28 / MC-32ex 1 2 Download Einbauanleitung
Connector MC-32ex / MC-28 / MZ-32 (10015) 1 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Futaba FX20/22/30/32/40 3 2 Download Einbauanleitung
FX36 2 2 Download Einbauanleitung
T32MZ 2 2 Download Installation manual
T12/14/16/18 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Jeti DC14/16/24 1 1 Download Einbauanleitung
DS14/16/24 1 1
Jeti expansion module 1 1 Download EinbauanleitungDownload EinbauanleitungVideo
>>> Link Programming of <<<
Spektrum Handheld Transmitter 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
>>> Link Spektrum DX18 <<<
DX10T 1 1  
Multiplex Profi TX 1 2 Download Einbauanleitung
Royal EVO 2 2
FrSky Taranis X9D 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Taranis X9E 3 1
Horus X12S 2 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Horus X10S 2 1 Download Einbauanleitung
Horus X10 1 1
TWIN X14/X14S 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Tandem X20/X18 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Tandem X20S 1 3
Tandem XE 1 1 Download Einbauanleitung
Weatronic BAT64 1 1 Download Einbauanleitung
Powerbox Core 1 1 Download Einbauanleitung
Radiomaster TX16S 3 3 Download Einbauanleitung
Universell Taster Schalter Modul   1 Einbauanleitung Taster Schalter Modul

Through the installation may void the warranty of your remote control system! The installation and use of stickswitches and stick button in remote control systems is the responsibility of the buyer. All liability and claims for damages resulting from the use of this is explicitly excluded.