Shipping & payment conditions



  up to 0,2 KG up to 0,5 KG up to 5 KG
Germany 5 € 5 € 5 €
EU 9 € 12 € 21 €
Worldwide 13 € 18 € 30 €

International shipping
For shipments abroad may duties, taxes and charges are incurred, which are not included in the total price.

General Shipping Cost Rules for this Store

We strive to make the shipment fast, cheap and safe for you. We ship depending on the value of goods per German Post and DHL.

The shipping costs will be charged upon ordering. You can at any time cancel the order if you do not like the shipping.



The processing time of your order (after receipt of payment to our account) is about 2 - 6 days depending on availability and season.

Then there are the times of the respective logistics partner. Our logistics partner is usually the German Post AG. The German Post delivers the goods according to experience throughout Germany within 2 - 4 working days, and also on Saturday.

Across Europe, the shipping time is around 5 - 10 days and is very different from country to country.

Packages over 2 Kg we will send by DHL (worldwide)




With the Advance payment you can pay the invoice amount of your order by bank transfer to our account. Upon receipt of the invoice amount to our account we will deliver the order to you.
For the transfer you will receive the confirmation email with our account, with the order that you specify in the transfer of the bill. The payment you can easily do by online banking or submit the proof of payment with your bank.
The transfer process takes 2 – 4 days, depending on the financial institution 2-4 days.

The sooner you initiate the transfer, the faster we can deliver your order.


EU standard bank transfer

interesting for customers living in the EU domestic market

Since July, 1st 2003 most citizens inside the European Union can transfer money to other accounts in EU under the same conditions like in their own country. By using the EU standard bank transfer*, money transfers to other countries will become nearly free of charge for many persons. Please ask your bank to give you information on EU standard bank transfer. RC Technik has the needed bank account to realise EU standard bank transfers!

* Prerequisites for the EU standard bank transfer are the international bank code (BIC), the international customer number (IBAN) and the uniform EU standard payment transaction form. This bank transfer of up to 12,500 euros, will cost no more than its domestic bank transfer counterpart.

Informations about international money transfer: